Are they serious?

Yesterday, I came across with this notice on Komtar Pedestrian Walk beside Magazine Road. I watched this with a non-Chinese man, and we discussed about the action going to be take by MPPP start from today.

Both of us agreed that actions should be taken against illegal hawkers or food stalls, but he said same action should applied to hawkers along Macalister Road, especially hawkers at New Lane.

He is unsatisfied with the New Lane hawkers who are causing traffic congestion along Macalister Road every evening except on Wednesday. And MPPP has to close the road just to make sure hawkers going to have more business opportunities.

I guessed this notice may be put up by some politicians, but this fellow support Local Council's "going-to-be" actions, but he doesn't trust politicians despite their backgrounds.

I think, he is more concerned with self interest rather than politicians' Rubbish statements.