People Cents-Trick Government?

Hmm...Is it a “people-centric government”, or a “people cents-trick government”?

As a politician who is having keen sense of responsibility, and proclaimed themselve as a people-centric government, he or she shouldn't put own interests above peoples' interests.

Such as flooding happened at Sibu's Rajang Park years ago, if the people-centric government wants to tackle the problem, they should do it open-handed, no matter win or lose in the by election.

However, I only see a “peoples' cents-trick” government, by givng promises in their own interests.

I am wandering, what will the outcome to be if every party has to run by election openly, without offering any bait? Just like Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei fight against each other on badminton court, and seen by everyone's bare eyes, then the winner will have my great esteem.

May be money can bribe, but not pride.