The tender of sickbed

From 9th May 2010 onwards, a new chapter in my life had started. My wife had given birth to ours first child, and glad to see that both of them safe and well.

Firstly, myself and
my dearest wife would like to thank everyone who sent us sms, posted your comments in Facebook's, calling via phones etc, to congratulate and greet the new arrival.

Please forgive us that we were unable to reply yours wishes instantly, and again, we really appreciate with your concerns and caring from the bottom of our hearts.

It was a meaningful experience to accompany my wife in the delivery room. She was brave and calm. By the time I saw this little man emerged in front of me, the feelings was indescribable and I felt relieved.

The most significant lesson that I learnt is, I had understood that childbirth is not only women's business by that moment. For anyone who is father to be, never missed the opportunity to aid and comfort yours wife during delivery, then you will understand how were you arrived in this world.

Only if you are scare of blood, then you can use it as an excuse.

So, happy belated Mother's Day to my wife, my mum, my wife's mum, at present mums, and future mums.

By the way, I underestimated the power of Facebook, and more than 150 comments and wishes related to my newborn baby had been posted after I posted the "breaking news" and the scene photos on my "Wall".

Thank you again and I will go back to work by this Saturday.

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